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Women Supporting Women

Support A Future Girl Entrepreneur!

Meeschell is excited to partner with IFundWomen to offer a business start up grant to young female entrepreneurs starting a natural, organic or eco-friendly product business! 

A portion of all purchases made on Meeschell.com will be placed in our grant fund that will support, educate, and build future women led brands. Awarded annually, the number of recipients will be determined by the total funds available once registration begins. Winner(s) will be selected based upon specific criteria. Registration, timing, and guidelines will be communicated on meeschell.com, Facebook and Instagram starting around October 1st. 

Michelle, founder and CEO of Meeschell, will mentor selected start ups accordingly.

Supported Organizations

Meeschell is proud to support & partner with like minded, women owned businesses! And, this is one of our FAVORITES! TheWMarketplace!

TheWMarketplace is an e-commerce marketplace owned by women entrepreneurs, for women entrepreneurs. Our mission is to close the economic gender gap by empowering women entrepreneurs to grow and thrive while providing a destination for consumers to shop their values.

Shop your values and change the world!

Meeschell is always happy to be a sponsor, speaker, exhibitor and/or showcased at events that support and communicate natural, organic and/or eco-friendly categories, organizations, and products – becoming an advocate for a better for you lifestyle while educating the masses on the benefits.

If you have any suggestions and/or would like to be considered, please Contact Us!

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