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The Powerful Benefits Of Lemon

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Have you ever noticed the frequency of lemons used in many health and wellness benefits? From losing weight with lemon-infused water to homemade face scrubs that deal with facial blemishes and pigmentation from acne, to alleviating a cold or flu with lemon tea and quite possibly boosting the immune system with Vitamin C and flavonoids that help remove free radicals that can damage cells in the body. The list of health benefits associated with lemons is quite possibly endless as it is a key household ingredient with multipurpose uses due to its high acidic concentration and antioxidant properties. So why lemon? What is the secret behind such a powerful fruit?

Lemon is a popular fruit that can be used in a variety of ways with multipurpose lifestyle and wellness benefits. Our most familiar encounter with lemons is within the kitchen with food; adding flavour to salad dressings, sauces, marinades, baked goods and treats, desserts and beverages. Lemons have a fairly higher Vitamin C concentration as compared to oranges and nectarines, making lemons more acidic and a strong antioxidant as compared to their fruity counterparts. The citric acid content has made lemon more than just a fruit, but a natural exfoliant, detoxifier and an active ingredient to your lifestyle at home, in your wellness journey and in beauty products.

Lemon In Your Beauty & Wellness Products

Within the beauty department, lemons are a popular and active ingredient in both conventional and natural based cosmetic products acting as a purifying agent, natural exfoliator, detoxifying and cleanser to a variety of skin concerns. As a natural exfoliant, lemons in cosmetic products can be found in serums, face washes, face scrubs, face masks and bath oils that help to lighten the skin from spots, blemishes and imperfections that can be caused by acne scarring, blemishes and sunburns. Furthermore, they are a great source of collagen production; a natural protein that the body makes. The Vitamin C in lemons is linked to skin firmness and brightness aiding the production of collagen, hence Vitamin C lemon ingredient cosmetic products focus on skin brightening, tightening and exfoliation; removing any dead skin cells, dirt and aiding the renewal elements of the skin that are aided by Vitamin C (remember Vitamin C is ascorbic acid, and much higher so in lemons, that helps build new cells in the body whilst working with other nutrients in your diet such as Iron and Vitamin A. Hence the great importance of having significant amounts of fruit in your diet, Vitamin C is like a connector that helps to bind and build new cells in your body, working with other components and factors that aid the full functionality of the human body).

The biggest limitation and sometimes misconception with lemons in the beauty department is the consistent and unregulated use of raw, undiluted lemon directly on your skin. The acid concentration is quite strong, with a type of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). Frequent application of the fruit directly to your skin can lead to risk factors and possible side effects such as skin irritation for highly sensitive or skin prone to adverse irritations, phytophotodermatitis, leukoderma and increasing sunburns as the acidic concentration interacts and reacts with the sun’s UV rays. This can accelerate sunburn causing possible skin damage.

Lemon In Your Home Products

Having lemon in your home products has a variety of benefits. For starters, lemons are a great cleaning agent due to their antibacterial and antiseptic properties that act as a natural bleach. Whether you opt to purchase conventional cleaning detergents with lemon as the key ingredient or you wish to make your own homemade cleaning solutions; the acidic benefits of the fruit make it more than just a fruit to eat; but a great resource to clean your home whilst leaving a fresh, citrus aroma. Lemon in your home can be used to clean copper pots and pans, your kitchen countertops, the kitchen sink drain (helps to get rid of the mouldy and stuffy smell that accumulates in the garbage disposal), bleach or brighten white clothes and great for cleaning glasses. Lemon works well as a cleaning agent when mixed with solvent ingredients such as salt, vinegar and baking soda that help to tackle the dirt and stains. The acidic concentration in lemons is strong enough to remove stains, scrubs and persistent dirt whilst leaving a fresh, aromatic citrus scent that filters your home.

Remember that lemon in your home has the properties to kill bacteria, remove stains and freshen your home but for the tough bacterial stains, lemon is not a disinfectant and it is recommended to have a strong conventional cleaning agent with disinfectant components that remove dangerous microbes from the stove, kitchen surfaces, the kitchen sink area and the floor.

Lemon is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial component all packed in a citrus fruit that can be linked to improving skin conditions and concerns, as well as break down dirt and stains from bacterial build up as a cleaning detergent. You may come to find that the lemon is multipurpose for different aspects in your home with its natural exfoliate and detox offering, allowing you to make multiple uses of this power fruit for different areas within your home.

Our Meeschell product recommendations, with lemon as a key ingredient in some of our bestselling wellness and home products are:

  1. Lucabello Lemon and Lavender Fit Soak
  2. Essentially Hiatos Fresh Start Exfoliating Face Wash
  3. Essentially Hiatos Instant Relief After Shave Lotion

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