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The 4 Great Health Benefits Of Eating Organic Foods

Organic food tends to be healthier, more nutritious and is increasingly a favorite amongst health enthusiasts. You may be wondering what organic food is and why do you need to consume more organic produce? Well, organic food is food and livestock which is a product of a farming system that eliminates or avoids man-made systems that include pesticides, synthetic herbicides, fertilizers and genetically modified organisms or bioengineered genes (GMOs). Organic farming heavily relies on natural principles of biodiversity, crop rotation, composting and natural animal grazing to produce healthy, fresh and abundant food. Organic food is highly preferable when it comes to factors that include a high nutrient content, fewer chemicals and pollution to the environment, more succulent and healthy meat which is free of antibiotics, hormones and genetic modification.

1. Organic food is rich in nutrients

With the elimination of chemicals, fertilizers and genetic modification; organic food is filled with pure and natural nutrients that come straight from healthy soil, which in turn boosts the body’s immune system and caters to good digestion and possibly a more healthier lifestyle. With rich nutrients in Vitamin C, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium found in organic fruits, vegetables and meat; organic food can make your meals more wholesome with the knowledge that you are consuming farm fresh produce.

2. When it comes to organic food, organic farming is much better for the environment

As you add or make organic food a priority in your diet, you are doing more than just taking care of yourself and your family, but you are taking care of your immediate environment by playing a part in both supporting organic farmers and keeping your environment clean. With organic farming, fewer chemicals are emitted into the environment which can cause pollution, degradation of natural soil nutrients and water pollution of small lakes and rivers. Organic agriculture is all-natural, from growing crops with natural animal manure to rearing livestock using the free-range (open-air) grazing methods, you are rest assured that as you consume organic food, you are creating a cleaner and healthier environment for yourself, your loved ones and the organic farmers.

3. Organic food is GMO free

A huge fraction of our daily food offering and consumption is genetically modified and chemically enhanced for longer preservation or heightened flavour. Our generation lives busy lives that require us to constantly be switched on and that directly trickles down to our food, how we eat, what we eat and when we eat. Organic food is without genetic modification which means it is fresh and a much healthier source to keep you energized. The best way to make the most of your fresh food basket is to store and freeze; organic does not have a longer shelf life but it has positive health effects in the long run, so choose to carefully freeze your nutrient food in air tight lunch packs to be picked up and cooked for another day.

4. Organic food is certified according to certified labelling organizations

Did you know that you can check the authenticity of your organic food purchase by simply checking the packaging? Most organic food produce is governed by an organic certification body that has strict regulations towards artificial colourings, sweeteners and preservatives relating to production methods and/or produce labeling. So if you ever need assurance of your purchase and the choice you are making; check the packaging labeling for the produce content and governing body that certifies that you are purchasing healthy and organic food. You have the right to know!

Organic food is a greater option when it comes to healthier, fresh and a highly nutrient diet that not only benefits you as an individual, but your family and the community at large. Another great benefit is organic food straight from the farm tends to be cheaper than our regular everyday food. So if you are making any lifestyle changes by taking the steps to add more flavor and a healthy nutrient based diet; then consider more organic healthy food.


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