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the UltraViolet story

My name is Marci Malbrough, Master Esthetician and founder of UltraViolet Skincare. My passion is to give everyone the gift of beautiful healthy skin and encourage infusing self-love and self-care into their daily routine. I set out to create a line of products that filled in the gaps that I saw in available skincare when treating my clients and when designing their homecare regiment. Our clean line of products combines the power of plants with the innovation and wisdom of science, designed to slow the aging process and more importantly help you age in reverse. Products that will give each user to the tools to find their own UltraViolet: to shine brighter than the sun. 

At UltraViolet Advanced Skincare we are focused on providing impeccable products and services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We know the importance of feeling confident in your own skin everyday. Our custom designed treatments enable every man and woman to enhance their unique beauty. Our skincare treatment technology set us apart from the rest. Being highly focused on clinical results, we do not compromise when it comes to healthy, beautiful skin. UltraViolet’s experts stand for professionalism and maintaining our reputation as San Diego’s leading authority in skincare treatment technology. Coupled with our clinical grade, clean skincare line of products your skin will never look better.

My personal skincare journey started at an early age. Being plagued with problem skin throughout my life was debilitating. It lit a fire inside of me to rid myself and others of an affliction that chips away at self-esteem and self-love. The fire turned into an obsession which blossomed into my career as an Esthetician. In 2008, my health started failing. I was diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases and my body was turning on me. Despite years of testing and different medications, my body and skin were still struggling. Even though I was a skincare professional and I had access to the “best” skincare products on the market, I couldn’t reach my skin goals. I found myself reaching for products that just weren’t there. This was a turning point in my life. I, like so many others, was not only in pursuit of health and beauty but of overall wellness. My goal from the beginning was to go beyond simply marketing skincare. It was about creating products and services that give everyone the chance to achieve the beautiful healthy skin they deserve. It is about finding your UltraViolet and it is here, in this space, that we have the chance to make our skincare routine part of our wellness ritual. 

My wish is that you enjoy every moment of discovering, unwrapping and applying your UltraViolet Skincare. Please use this precious time to allow yourself to connect with and find your inner balance. Within this connection lies the magic. I am going to spend my life pursuing this magical place, visiting daily and staying longer each time, until it becomes my home.

Live life to the fullest and make your pursuit of beauty a unique and powerful journey.



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