Taking care of yourself by starting your physical wellness journey in your 20s, sets you up for a healthier life.

As an adult in your 20s, these years are more vibrant, full of life, and with a lot more agility and energy, which is a great advantage to your overall well-being as your body is flexible to move more, your metabolism is at its healthiest which translates to good digestive health and your body’s ability to reserve energy. And at this stage, your mental well-being is at its optimum, with a high level of productivity and efficiency.

Start taking care of yourself to live a healthy lifestyle, and eliminate any diseases whilst managing your well-being.

Your body thank you in the years to come boosting your mental health to function at your best. The key is to invest in your body now to live the best life in your 30s and 40s.

Start exercising more frequently by picking a fitness regimen, joining the gym, exercising at home, or taking a walk. This is the perfect time to experiment with what works for you, your body, and your lifestyle. You have a lot more energy to try out different routines since your physical ability is at its greatest level. Take the time to research and understand what fitness routine will work for your body and your lifestyle. Use this time to stretch your body’s endurance and strength with strength training by lifting weights or bodyweight training. This allows your body to build muscle and it will enable your body to heal pain with straining and stretching.

This is also the opportune time to start eating healthy. Now turning 21 for many means it is the legal age to consume alcohol and take on a more active and stimulating lifestyle that involves smoking, substance consumption, active nightlife, and a few house parties here and there over the weekend.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying your youth, unwinding with friends, and getting a little relaxation, howsoever you choose. But in as much as your body is highly active at this stage, and a part of you is convinced to have the time to turn your wrongs into rights somewhere down the line, not everyone can share the same sentiment because our bodies are different.

Start your physical wellness journey in your 20s by eating healthy now, and moderately cut back on alcohol, substances, smoking, or fast food take-outs even if your schedule is busy and your career comes first. Your health is your wealth, it’s important to start a healthy diet, budget your restaurant dining and cook at home.

With all of the binge eating, career-chasing fever, late-night soirees, and the occasional get-togethers; all this can take a toll on your physical and mental health especially if you are lacking adequate sleep and rest. Yes, sleep is crucial; no matter how much energy you have in your 20s – rest and rest well.

Resting may seem boring, but at any stage in life (even as a toddler), you rested at some point. Take in the recommended 8 to 10 hours of sleep, and rest from all the busyness of adult life. Carve out time to allow your body to rejuvenate before taking on the next activity or work.

Sleeping an adequate 8 hours, boosts your energy, increases your morale, and regulates your hormones allowing you to be mentally sharp and productive whether at home, at work, or with close family and friends. Just as your physical health is important, your mental health is also a crucial priority in your 20s.

Did you know adequate hours of sleep do wonder for your skin? Coupled with an effective skincare routine; your skin will be healthy and it will thank you for years to come. Invest in a skincare routine in your 20s that tackles all the pain points of acne, dark spots, and sunburns. Apply sunscreen to your face daily! Purchase a mineral based sunscreen that is light on the skin and will not clog your pores, allowing your skin to breathe because it only contains clean ingredients. My favorite is OLITA Sunscreen Mineral Lotion and Sunstick

This is the perfect time to experiment with a day and night skincare routine. UltraViolet Skincare has several products to pick from…and is a Meeschell customer favorite! Not sure what to start with…always feel free to Ask our Experts questions or request assistance.

Finally, start scheduling your yearly doctor visits and check-ups. Look into your reproductive health if you are sexually active or if you are considering children in the near future. This is the stage to start monitoring any diet deficiencies, blood pressure, any family-related health issues (such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes), cervical cancer and breast cancer screenings for women, and prostate cancer screening for men. Go to therapy or join a group session to take care of your mental well-being.

Try new and fun activities outside the gym like bungee jumping, and rock climbing, and travel outside of your hometown. This will boost your physical and mental well-being by trying new things and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Use your 20s as the perfect time to start your physical wellness journey and establish healthy habits