We bring the best holistic lifestyle brands & consumers together!

Meeschell is the go-to guide for all things better for you! We are a community of savvy business owners coming together to offer our customers a ‘one-stop shop’  for all things holistic! Most importantly, Meeschell is a trusted resource…allowing our community to engage, understand, and benefit from the information representing each brand, product and service featured.

You have questions…we have answers!

Customers can’t buy my products or services on Meeschell…why?

As of August, 2023 – Meeschell pivoted away from being an e-commerce website. Why? Because we quickly realized the need from our customers was not where to buy your products but WHY to buy your product. The naturals industry is growing substantially…and while there are many quality products and service providers to pick from…most consumers are still confused about the benefits…the value…the why to buy. Meeschell is now filling that void.

I would like to sell with Meeschell. What is the first step?

First step – my team reviews your brand to include- the quality/type of  product(s) or service offered, ingredients, where your product is manufactured,  your marketing strategy, your product photography and packaging, and your brand story.

Once approved, our IT team would produce a brand showcase page for you! This page will be located under the Featured Brands tab under the appropriate category. Each layout communicates your call to action – what need/value/benefit do you provide…what is your ‘why to buy’.  For those of you who sell in retail – this is a great way to advertise those retailers – pushing product sales locally!

Do you offer marketing through Meeschell?

Yes!  Meeschell offers marketing packages that include both online and offline strategies – all creating brand awareness and engagement in our community while driving awareness, engagement, sales of your product or service. Package options to be added soon!

What is the overall objective of Meeschell and how will my brand benefit?

Meeschell has closed a gap identified between products and consumers. Better for you brands struggle to reach the masses while explaining the why to buy: benefits, ingredients, need or problem it solves, and overall, why it’s a better alternative.

Meeschell will answer those questions and more by offering a variety of methods that will encourage them to explore, learn, understand, and most importantly, purchase your products. And because of this, our community of consumers will continue to see Meeschell as a trusted resource for making purchasing decisions.

If you have questions or would like to chat, please feel free to Contact Us and I will reply within 24 hours.

Thank you! We look for partnering with you!