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Our Jewelry Is A Reminder That We’re Powerful. Meet Lila in the Sky

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We sit down with Daniela Hunter Of Lila In The Sky

Tell us about yourself? What are your products and what is the story behind Lila In The Sky?

I’m Brazilian-American and have a mixed background. I grew up in Rio de Janeiro making jewelry and spending time in nature and at the beach. Brazilians are very spiritual and superstitious, we also have a wealth of gemstones. We’ve inherited afro-brazilian, Indigenous Shamanism, Catholic and French Spiritualist mystical doctrines. In our local art markets you see all of these traditions and symbols in jewelry, arts and crafts. I used to go to these markets with my mom to get talismans, amulets and Gemstones. My brand, Lila in The Sky was named after my daughter Lila Sky. Lila is a sanskrit word which means cosmic games or divine play, which describes the nature of reality. The brand is an extension of the mixed-spiritual Brazilian mysticism that I grew up in, which is a melting pot of the sacred and mystical. Crystal healing is present in a lot of the pieces and I make amulets & talismans charged with Brazilian sensuality for modern day Goddesses.

Can you highlight to us what are the benefits of Lila In The Sky? Why would people want to use them?

In ancient traditions, such as vedic and yogic cultures, Chinese Medicine and Shamanic traditions, jewelry is used for healing, protection and intention work. Gemstones are used to conduct energy, they power your computer, phones and electronics. In Chinese Medicine, the energy and electricity of your body is called Qi, which is the life force. Gemstones can aid in circulating blocked Qi to revitalize your body. The symbols used in our jewelry are sacred symbols for setting intention. Carl Jung noted that symbols carry archetypal meaning that the collective consciousness understands even if we’re unconscious that we understand them. For Carl Jung, the power of symbol can lead to a transformation and better understanding of oneself. The jewelry I make is a reminder that we’re all powerful healers and that all that we’re seeking is already within us. You are your own Guru. You’re a fractal of the divine intelligence within everything and the world is Lila- your playground.

Who is your target market? And what feedback do your customers say about the products?

Our target market is mostly women that understand that their personal development and well-being is the foundation of their prosperity and success in life. These women understand that they are powerful co-creators with life and the change that they want to see in the world. They make a daily impact through consuming consciously and voting with their wallets. In these last three years of business, we’ve had mostly 5 star reviews and loyal collectors of our jewelry. The women who buy my jewelry are constantly working on themselves and aspects of their lives. They use jewelry as a part of their journey, such as, trying to conceive, manifesting money, attracting their partner. I listen to mind-blowing stories daily from my customers and have built a strong relationship with them.

Where do you see Lila In The Sky in the next 12 months to 2 years? Are you planning on adding new products? If so, what are they?

I’m really excited that we’ve partnered with a Brazilian brand that is creating an incredible impact in the preservation of the Amazon and it’s people’s. Philanthropy is not a responsibility of the wealthy, but a responsibility of the healthy. We will be adding Indigenous jewelry that benefits the socio-economic welfare of the Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon and its conservation. Our goal for Lila in the Sky is to create an impact on the world we envision for our children. The success of the business is the impact it makes on the whole, in the world. We are interconnected, we are one.

What do you like most about meeschell.com? How has Lila In The Sky benefited from our platform?

Meeschell is a conscious brand with the same core values as us. It is important to partner with other brands that are creating an impact in the world, because together we’re stronger. Meeschell is very selective with the businesses they partner with and curating products owned by small, women-owned businesses that are sustainable and ethical. My jewelry has received visibility in North America because of Meeschell.

Do you have a give back program? If so, what is it?

Yes, we give back monthly to APIB, the association created by the Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon to conserve their culture and the Amazon Rainforest. This is a cause I hold dearly in my heart, because the Indigenous People from the Amazon are the stewards of the Rainforest and its medicines. I have healed myself and experienced a re-birth in a traditional Amazonian healing ceremony and my gratitude towards the Amazon and its healers is eternal.

What key takeaway of your brand and journey would you like to share that can inspire someone taking on a new venture?

If you dream about starting a business, a project or a new venture, know that your dream is sacred. You have a unique gift, that is needed in the world and your impact will cause a ripple effect that will impact others. We are all here to serve life and we serve them by dreaming big, putting our authentic selves out there and this gives permission for others to do the same. There is no failure, only learning curves and the universe has your back. Bring your heart and soul into your venture to serve the highest good of our planet and its beings.

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