If you are new to a holistic lifestyle, chances are you’ve seen vlogs and social media posts about it. A holistic lifestyle isn’t a matter of affluence and privileges. It’s also far from how it’s aesthetically portrayed on social media. The very term implies a healthier lifestyle that consists of nutritional choices you make for yourself on a daily basis. And the good news is that living holistically doesn’t cost a fortune! The point is to simplify your lifestyle but also make it more beneficial for yourself. You’ll do so by changing how you treat your body, mind, and life. So, let’s dive into the basic steps of a holistic lifestyle on a budget. 

Make healthy eating choices

It won’t hurt to enjoy a slice of pizza with your favorite cheeseburger when daily chores and stress can get the best of you. However, fast and processed foods shouldn’t be on your menu almost every day. If you have a habit of eating out and snacking on sugary foods, take a step back to re-examine your food choices. Does your fridge lack veggies? Do you often feel down because of the lack of vitamins and minerals? Let a food overhaul be the first step towards your holistic lifestyle on a budget.

One of the great things about entering a holistic lifestyle is an improved relationship with food. Once you start to see it as fuel and joy combined, you’ll get more interested in an array of (simple) recipes. Moreover, it comes in handy to upgrade your cooking skills and diversify your food choices. Here are some simple rules to follow:

    • Eat more veggies to stay satiated for more extended periods
    • Swap chocolate bars for chia pudding or your favorite fruits.
    • Occasionally treat yourself with comfort food and desserts. 
    • Add holistic supplements to your daily routine.
    • Learn how to meal prep for the next day. Combine foods rich in protein, fiber, healthy fats, and complex carbs.
    • Spend more time cooking than eating out.

Dedicate more time to skincare

Nurturing your outside is just essential as nurturing it from the inside. Maybe it’s time to change your skincare products and find those that fit your skin type…and actually work! It’s important that you understand the ingredients in skin products…and avoid any that have chemicals. Rule of thumb is…if you can’t pronounce the ingredient’s name – its probably not good for you. It’s possible to find reasonably priced skincare products with clean ingredients.  Keep in mind that as we age, our skin requires more attention. And, its our biggest organ…which makes it the most important.  

Find a physical activity you enjoy

There’s nothing that’ll relieve you of stress instantly than physical activity. If you’re already active – keep going! On the other hand, a holistic lifestyle is your way out of the work-home loop if you’re used to a sedentary lifestyle. Once you get active, you’ll notice an increase in your energy. Furthermore, you’ll start to listen to your body and move it daily.  Don’t want to join a gym?!?  Try climbing, hiking, dancing, one of the many at home workout apps ht have both short and long options. Even regular long walks can be beneficial to your well-being. 

Take care of your mind

Breathing and meditation techniques are proven ways to calm your mind and keep it in check. Since there are so many of them nowadays, it’s impossible to find the ones that don’t suit you. In addition, painting, knitting, gardening, and other creative activities can work wonders for your mental well-being. What also helps is monitoring the content you expose yourself to. That being said, try paying more attention to the conversation you’re having, the books you’re reading, and the news you’re looking into. Mental hygiene is as important as physical.

Wrap up

You’ve probably been told these tips multiple times. They’re simple yet inexpensive. Leading a holistic lifestyle on a budget brings positive results in all aspects of your life besides finances. However, the key is to remain consistent and make these basic principles of a holistic way of living a habit. With time, you’ll transform your lifestyle and live each day with more energy and enthusiasm.