A healthy pet is happy, well-fed with a full tummy! But have you taken the time to have a closer look at what exactly you are feeding your pet? With a variety of pet foods that come with great packaging and labelling that will fit your description as a pet owner, as you think about your pet’s needs; are you however assessing the ingredients and knowing what your pet consumes on a daily? Research shows that processed and alternative pet food has increased over the years as some companies choose to maximize sales. That increase, however, means that your pet is at a higher risk of health deficiencies such as early cases of liver, kidney and organ damage due to the high quantity of chemicals, additives and preservatives added in pet food which may ultimately lead to premature death. 

Some pet foods further claim to be healthy and natural for your beloved pet, but only a fraction of the ingredient is included as opposed to the processing, extraction and fermentation of natural vitamins, amino acids and digestive acids that allow for a happy and healthy pet. The same can be said for your pet’s grooming and wellness, where products such as shampoos and flea detergents can have potentially harmful chemicals that compromise the overall well-being of your pet.

How do natural, organic ingredients benefit your pet’s health? Just like us humans, when we consume healthy and organic ingredients it boosts our quality of life allowing us to feel energized, strong and well balanced. The same can be said for our pet’s well-being where the quality of the diet allows them to be happy and healthy, giving them a full balanced life. Here are three good reasons how natural ingredients are beneficial.

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1. It Boosts Their Immune System

Natural ingredients boosts your pet’s immune system as their diet will include organic and natural vitamins, minerals and acids that improve digestive health which helps stimulate blood flow that improves organ functions of the liver, kidney and heart. An improved and healthy immune system means your pet is less susceptible to ailments, illnesses and diseases that can be caused by a poor diet full of additives and preservatives.

2. Improved Digestive Health and Appearance 

Improved digestive health means natural ingredients are much better absorbed and utilized by the body allowing for less allergies, skin conditions and hair shedding for your pet. A healthy, natural and organic diet for your pet means a healthier tummy that digests better and boosts the appearance of your pet’s mane or coat. The same can be said when you switch too or look at natural ingredients in grooming products such as shampoo. Excessive synthetic preservatives in products allow for skin rashes, dull hair coat and itching whilst a more natural route boosts the appearance of your pet.

3. Natural Ingredients Can Be Safe for you and your Family

We interact with our pet’s food and products on a daily basis as we prepare to feed them, give them a bath or simply spend quality time playing with them. That interaction makes us equally prone to our pet’s health and wellness as they are part and parcel of the family. The ingredients and products we expose our pets to has a direct effect upon us as we can get into contact with skin rashes, fleas and ticks. Not only do natural ingredients help our pets but they help the immediate environment around them too.

Taking the time to understand the ingredients in our pet’s nutritional diet and consumption is crucial to our pet’s overall well-being. Not only will this reduce future vet expenses but our pets will live an overall longer, happier life.