Thank you for checking out…which I am very excited to finally share with you. Please allow me to tell you a little bit about myself, my amazing colleagues and why I’ve developed Meeschell.I’ve been a sales and marketing professional for over twenty years, owning/operating a full service agency since the age of 26. Through the course of my career, I have embraced relationships. I’ve been mentored by some of the best…learning the ‘tricks of the trade’ from my network of professionals who I also call close friends after many years of working together.

Two years ago, I was given a natural beauty brand to launch in the U.S market. I started using the products, understood the business model, developed a strategic marketing plan and got to work. While researching and understanding my target market, I quickly understood the need for everything natural, organic and eco-friendly…but the challenge I was always faced with was – where do people find these products?!?! Social media serves as a great communication tool…but brand awareness can get lost in the masses. Some of these brand don’t have a website…and if they do, if SEO isn’t set up properly, customers have a hard time finding it. That’s when it hit me. We need ONE shopping site dedicated to these brands! Because of my partnership with Navigator Sales & Marketing and Gilmore Marketing Group, we were able to collaborate and create a business model that we feel will be very beneficial to the Meeschell community. 

So why women inspired brands? Because we think women business owners are still the vast minority and we want to make a difference! We have always sought out and worked with women and minority owned brands over the years…and feel we can make a bigger impact as one team. Also, women are very good at supporting one another. We are also very good at seeing the bigger picture and embracing opportunity…striving to ‘have each others back’.  We want to share our knowledge, skills, relationships and network to further build our circle…and I think Meeschell is the place to do it! Why? Because we all have the same objective – to build our brands, embrace our community of customers and to support each other! And if your wondering if men led brands can sell on Meeschell…the answer is, of course! Meeschell will NEVER discriminate. The #1 objective is always to bring quality natural, organic, and eco-friendly products to our customers.

See Who We Support  for additional details regarding organizations Meeschell is affiliated with and/or support.

So, whether you’re a customer, brand partner, or just super interested in what we do and how we do it – I would personally like to welcome you!

Please provide any feedback, thoughts, comments, questions here…I would LOVE to hear from you! 

If you are a brand owner and have interest in selling on Meeschell, please see Sell on Meeschell for more details.

Thanks! Michelle, Founder

PHOTO: My awesome powerhouse friends and colleagues!

From left: Kathy Talamante- Navigator Sales & Marketing; Sheila Gilmore- Gilmore Marketing Group;  Myself, Michelle Harthill- Harthill Marketing Services and Founder of Meeschell; Subriana Pierce – Navigator Sales & Marketing & Navigator Lighthouse Foundation.