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Meeschell welcomes potential Brand Ambassadors that appreciates and understands the benefits of better for you, non toxic, clean ingredients and would like to share their love for our products within their community.

If you would like to join our amazing family, and you:

Live a holistic lifestyle and know how important it is inform others on its benefits.

An influencer who loves products like ours and would like to promote them to your community.

And… since you love putting your message out there loud & proud…you would enjoy bragging about us on social media!

Then, we want to hear from you! Please get in touch with us at hello@meeschell.com to become a Meeschell Brand Ambassador! 

Please provide your social media handles…as we will check your accounts to make sure you match our brand and meet the guidelines requested above. 

Also, please let us know which categories you are the most passionate about: beauty/wellness, pets, baby, apparel, and/or home.

As a Brand Ambassador – we will provide you:

Products sent to you from select brands.

Your own personalized URL  that can be shared with your community.

For every order placed via your personalized URL, you will be given 10% of each sale….


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