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The Powerful Benefits Of Lemon

Have you ever noticed the frequency of lemons used in many health and wellness benefits? From losing weight with lemon-infused water to homemade face scrubs that deal with facial blemishes and pigmentation from acne, to alleviating a cold or flu with lemon tea and quite possibly boosting the immune system

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The Real Difference Between Natural, Organic and Non-Toxic Beauty Products

All-natural and organic products have become more mainstream now than they ever were before. A quick look at strongly emerging beauty brands that are establishing themselves as mainstream, such as Honest Beauty and Fenty Beauty; both with the stance of natural, toxic-free and cruelty-free. These brands are actively competing and

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The Healing Powers Of Tea Tree Oil For Your Skin

Tea tree oil is an essential oil distilled from the leaves of the Australian plant melaleuca alternifolia. Used by the native aborigines of Australia for medicinal properties to treat coughs and colds, as well as effectively heal wounds and cuts on the skin. The term ‘tea tree’ was given by

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Let’s Talk About Feeding Your Baby Organic Formula

A healthy baby is a well-fed baby; whether the option is natural breast milk from the mother or taking the option of baby formula, or combining both breastfeeding and formula feeding. The most important factor for any parent is that your baby is happy, healthy and well-fed. If you are

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Lynn Power of Masami Hair – Live With A Spirit Of Generosity

Tell us about yourself? What are your products and what is the story behind the Masami brand? I have been a corporate professional in advertising for my entire career, starting out as a receptionist in Chicago for a small ad agency working my way up in the industry, eventually moving

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Tendai Kamusikiri

Tendai Kamusikiri is a Content Creator who happens to be a proud Fashionista and Sociologist. With 8+ years experience in writing as a Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger, Editor and Writer for a variety of lifestyle brands and publications; nothing fascinates her more than achieving an overall balance and a glamourous approach to life that allows you to be the best version of yourself.

Tendai can be found curating everyday fashion and lifestyle content on her instagram @tendaikamusikiri or you might find her trying to cook up the next recipe to experiment with. If not one or the other, then you might catch her organising a fabulous closet somewhere. Her goal is absolutely simple, to achieve everyday glamour with grace.

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