As you get older, your body and skin will require a different set of skincare routines and products that will combat wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin and sunspots which become more visible with the natural ageing process. It is very crucial to have and keep up with a good skincare routine, allowing it to grow and evolve with you from your youth right into your more mature years as your body and skin changes with your lifestyle and environment over time. Taking care of your skin as you get older is an essential part of self-care as you age. Nurturing your skin always has a positive influence in the way you look and feel; and here are a few key steps to get you on the right track.

1. Cleanse Your Skin Gently and Regularly 

Adopt a healthy and regular skincare routine that allows you to take care of your skin. Ageing comes with its own set of challenges, which include dry, rough and sometimes itchy skin with decreased elasticity that causes the skin to sag. Having a simple and effective skincare routine can help alleviate age-related skin concerns. Lean towards products that are gentle on the skin with less heavy fragrances and alcohol-based ingredients that strip your skin off of its natural oils. With the vice of technology in our society right now, CBD and all-natural skincare products are becoming a growing preference as they not only deliver the best results for your skin but they are also less harsh on the skin causing less skin irritation, as their ingredients content is highly all-natural. To get the best out of your skincare routine as you get older, actively choose products that include Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin A. Opt for cleansers, toners and moisturizers that moisturize your skin, brighten dull skin and reduce fine lines, dark spots and sunspots. As you shop for anti-aging skincare products, make sure to consider products with the label for ‘sensitive skin’ or ‘for all skin types’. Try Alaska Glacial Mud New Hydrating Micellar Glacier Water Deep Pore Cleanser, great for all skin types and has hydrating benefits formulated with mineral-rich Alaska glacier water.

2. Protect Your Skin From The Sun with Sunscreen

Mature skin tends to be more susceptible to damage as the skin is thinner and drier as you age. Sunscreen helps ageing skin by protecting it from damaging UV rays. Be sure to consider moisturizers that carry a minimum SPF 30 for everyday use. Sun protection is essential as you get older, so seek protective clothing options such as lightweight long sleeved shirts and pants, a wide-brimmed summer hat and sunglasses to protect your skin from UV rays that may cause dark spots and fine lines. Apply sunscreen everyday as part of your skincare routine, and not only when you are searching for some fun in the sun – your skin will gladly thank you. Try any of our products from OLITA … perfect for the whole family protecting you against damaging UVA and UVB rays.

3. Eat a Healthy and Well Balanced Diet

We have all heard the statement ‘you are what you eat’, and this speaks true not only in your age of maturity but throughout the course of your life. However, this statement becomes more true as you get older. Examine your diet and consider what you are eating on a daily basis. As you get older your skin loses its collagen (elasticity), its natural brightness and its ability to heal wounds making it thinner and more susceptible to external harm e.g. damaging UV rays. Taking care of your skin from the inside out with a healthy and well balanced diet is one of the surest ways to take care of your skin as you age. Cut back or stop smoking, consuming alcohol and eliminate sugar in your diet. Add more fresh fruits and vegetables, wholesome grains and protein into your diet. Consider healthy supplements of Omega 3 in fish oil and flaxseed oil as part of your healthy diet in your age of maturity.

4. Exercise Most Days of the Week

Make movement a consistent lifestyle choice as you get older. Exercise is known to have great health benefits that include increased blood circulation that keeps your organs healthy, strengthening the immune system which means less sicknesses and minor illnesses, more energy which means more clarity and focus. By exercising everyday, your skin will look more fresh and youthful, thereby improving your overall well-being.

5. Drink More water

Not only does water have great health benefits of flushing out toxins from your system and increasing blood flow for your organs, but it keeps your skin looking plump and youthful because hydration is the main factor for your skin. Continue to keep your skin hydrated by drinking water throughout your day by creating intervals for morning, day and night. If you want to enjoy drinking your water more consistently, then make flavored water with added fresh fruit e.g strawberries, oranges, raspberry or grapes. Not only will you be getting the much needed hydration and health benefits of water, but you will be getting your regular Vitamin C all in one go.

Taking care of your skin is a crucial part of self care which is an everyday commitment. As you age, your body and skin will require a different self care routine. Be sure to apply these tips to your everyday routine and your skin will take care of you as you take care of it.