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5 Simple Ways You Can Support Women-Owned Businesses

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Here at Meeschell we love women-owned, small businesses that are making a huge impact in their communities, their livelihoods and their family. Our great focus is to give you the best in organic, natural and eco-friendly products that are better for you, better for your family and better for your environment with products that are made and owned by women across many categories from beauty to baby, pet and home, to clothing and accessories, to food and beverages. So in honor of National Women’s Entrepreneurship Day on November 19, 2021, we encourage you to support a woman-owned business in one or all of the following ways to support their business, livelihood and support a dream.

1. Make Your First Organic Purchase On Meeschell

The coolest way to show your support for a small business is to purchase from them. Why? Because they do a happy-do-little-dance in their heart and jump up and down and shout YES! Without you as the customer noticing. But why do they do this? Because it is the greatest form of success for a small business, even in the smallest way. That income goes to their family, their children, their goals and towards a bigger dream that they are building. Meeschell boasts hundreds of products across many different categories and variants all focusing on making your life healthier, better and more fulfilling with a selection of healthier products of living that make good to you and the planet. Not only that, but you are truly getting the best quality on the market.

2. Gift Giving

Meeschell hosts a selection of great gift options; something for the avid fashion lover to the active health enthusiast and foodie; we guarantee you they will appreciate something new and fresh from us.  If you want more information or any tips to make the best purchase, then drop us an email at hello@meeschell.com, and we will guide you through your gift buying process.

3. Consider a Bundle for Your Friends And Colleagues

Meeschell has a variety of gift sets that can make a great gift for your close group of friends or your close office colleagues. Our recommended gift set picks would be Alaska Glacial Essentials Day Glow Night Magic – Glacial Facial Essential Skin Kit and Gift Set, Supracor Stimulite Bath Mitt + Spacells Facial Sponge Bundle and Alaska Glacial Facial Mask Gift Box Mailer. Another option is to introduce them to the best in organic beauty with Melanie Mills Hollywood Glow Girl Gleam Face & Body Radiance Kit, Gleam Girl Gleam Face & Body Radiance Kit and Foundation and Gleam Face & Body Radiance Sexy Sampler Set

4. Take advantage of FREE shipping!

Meeschell offers free shipping on tons of products! Look for the Free Shipping badge on product pages or shop by brand to see who offers free shipping on all of her products!

These are just 5 ways to show your support to a woman-owned small business! In addition, you can give those you like a shout out on social media…refer us to a friend or family member…or write a review on the product or brand you like best. And, you can make d new purchases to support their vision and dream.  

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