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Four Clear Practices for Holiday Wellness

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As the holidays roll in (hey, what’s up wild holiday madness!?), it’s easy to get swept up in this new, faster, less focused, hamster-wheel pace. As seasonal events, celebrations, and parties take precedent, other practices like self care, well-being, and mindfulness can take a back seat.

But, now is the time you want to be feeling your best, right? Maybe you’re visiting family or you’re seeing friends you havent seen in a while. Perhaps you’re gathering, sharing, catching up, and connecting. The neat thing to remember is that you totally can set yourself up for feeling good that doesn’t require a ton of restriction nor rigidity.

Rather, a daily commitment to sprinkling in wellness can go a long way. Consistency is the vehicle that will get you to where you want to be. All the while, you’ll dodge the overwhelm that can often accompany the pressure to be “on” during the holidays. It’s less about being a hero and doing all the self-care all the time. Rather, it’s about attainable practices that will help you enjoy the holidays even more.

There’s a push and temptation in our culture to be all or nothing in regards to fitness and nutrition. You’re encouraged to either be “on” all the time, or completely “off”. What if we played around with doing things more intuitively, instead of being on an arbitrary schedule that society has made for us.

For example, who says you have to take weekends off or be going nonstop during the week? What if it works better for you to go slower in the beginning of the speed and then speed up when the weekend comes? Or, maybe it feels better to reduce the amount of self care you’re doing, but aiming to make it happen daily.

If we can create our self-care routine and not let society create it for us, when can hit a new stride–one that feels the best for you as a unique individual.

Ditching the All or Nothing Mentality

Along with this all or nothing mentality comes overindulging and overeating because we think it is more acceptable this time of year. While there is nothing wrong with indulging in things that you enjoy, we can get curious about the disconnect from self that can happen this time of year.

For instance, you may be so overwhelmed with the social interactions and expectations of the holidays that you numb out with food, sweets, and alcohol. Eating and drinking as it feels good to you isn’t the problem, but the numbing and disconnecting can point to an opportunity to do it better.

Staying connected to what you need (i.e. hydration instead of having another drink) and checking in with yourself can help you prevent going to unconscious extremes.

Pack Nutrients In Wherever you Can 

It might feel like there is so much out of your control when you’re attending holiday parties away from your home. Perhaps someone else is cooking the meals and they have different dietary aims than you do. It can be helpful to first accept that and know you can’t control every single aspect of what it served.

However, an easy way to keep your energy levels up is to incorporate some superfoods where you can. If you are at your home in the morning before festivities, make a point to whip up a greens drink to provide you a natural source of b-vitamins and phytonutrients that will support your liver, kidneys, and gastrointestinal tract. This will prevent you from having as many digestive issues as well as keep you regular.

If you are out of town or away from home all day, maybe you bring a superfood packet with you, so that you can make a drink on the go. Simple things like adding cacao & maca to your coffee can help support your hormones, energy, and stress levels as you navigate your party schedule.

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Take a Dip Outside

Any chance you get, stepping outside into the sunshine and fresh air is beneficial. The chance to take deeper breaths, observe nature, and increase your oxygen uptake will help you reduce your stress levels.

Simple things you can do to downregulate your nervous system include:

-Extend your exhale. This allows your diaphragm to release, collapsing the chest and lung capacity slightly, which signals to the brain to limit blood flow and activate the parasympathic nervous system response.

-Sip on water. When you’re running around, it’s easy to forget to hydrate. So extra credit, add a pinch of sea salt to your water. The salt helps to improve the hydration effect on the body by making the water conductive. Since we are electromagnetic beings, this makes the water we take it more effective.

Movement to Keep Your Energy Up

If you are already feeling exhausted by the holiday shopping & hustle, it may seem counterintuitive to schedule in some exercise. However, you may experience that doing short bouts of movement will actually improve your energy levels, as you are encouraging blood flow to your brain and extremities. The physiological response of exercise on the body can be quite invigorating and mood-regulating. Thus, it can be your best friend during times of the year that wear you out.

Of course, there are times when your body is craving rest from overstimulation. Always listen to your body and honor that. It’s simply helpful to know that there are simple practices like going for a walk that may help improve how you feel.

If you are a busy parent or are simply juggling a lot, one way to sneak in movement is to volunteer to run the errands. This too may seem counterintuitive, but offering to do this will give you a break from the crowd and often give you a brief period to walk around and do what needs to be done.

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Photo by Myriam Zilles on Unsplash

Give Yourself Grace & Eliminate Guilt

In all of this, try to avoid beating yourself up for not doing enough or doing too little. Feeling good during the holidays is simply trying to stay connected to your needs and honoring them. If you daily to do that, just come back to it. And, keep coming back. It’s a daily practice, but the payoff is a higher capacity to self-regulate when the season gets crazy.


A HUGE THANK YOU to Jesica for writing this blog! She truly experiences an amazing holistic lifestyle…her journey is very inspirational. To learn more, follow Jesica on the links below.

Author: Jesica Williams



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